Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone is desirous of sleep that is refreshing and sufficient. No one likes waking up in the morning and feeling groggy and unrested. However, good quality sleep remains elusive to a vast majority of us. Here are Dr. Tody’s top tips to help you sleep like a baby:

  1. Waking up and sleeping at roughly the same time everyday.
  2. Do not consume coffee or tea after 3 pm.
  3. Eat a light meal 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  4. Do not indulge in heavy exercise in the late evening.
  5. Sleep in a room that is quiet, dark and cool. Optimum room temperature for sleeping is between 18-25ºC.
  6. Read a book or indulge in a quiet, calming activity before bed. 
  7. Avoid checking your phone and limit screen time in bed.
  8. Use your bed mainly for sleeping. Avoid doing other activities like eating, working, studying, watching TV, etc., in bed.
  9. Practice mindfulness or sleep meditation in bed to help you fall asleep quicker.
  10. Drink chamomile tea or take a warm shower before sleeping.